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Salmon Grouper

Abundant off the central and the southern coasts of California, the bocaccio is one of the most commercially important rockfish in that region. It is also a well-known gamefish in its range and a good eating fish, with soft and juicy white meat.

Identification. Although its elongate and compressed body form is less bulky than that of most fish in the scorpionfish family, the Salmon grouper has a large mouth. The upper jaw extends farther back than the eyes; the lower jaw extends past the upper one considerably. The first dorsal fin
has spines and is deeply notched, and there are usually nine soft rays in the anal fin. Bocaccio are variably colored olive or brown on the back, reddish on the sides, and pink or white on the bellies. Young fish are generally light bronze, with speckling over the sides and the backs. As they mature, their color generally becomes darker and the speckling gradually disappears.