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The Reel Deal

The most frequently asked question we get is:

"Can I get a deal?"


Sure kid, step right up to the counter son…..
Just about anyone out there will give you a discount if you are trolling the docks. As a rule we do not. Why you ask… because there's a catch to those discounts.
Mexico is what you would call Oil Rich and Refinery Poor. In a country with better then 100 million people (at least the ones they could find to count) has only 5 Refineries. Most oil is shipped north to the states where it is refined and then shipped back for our boats, cars, trucks and the 3 lawnmowers. 
The bottom line here is that the largest single cost of running a boat is fuel, always has been. I can't say for certain but as one who makes a living doing this I would bet that most of your so called discount is returned to the boat owner in lets say less aggressive fishing trips or once you get out of the harbor, some kind of upcharge may come into play in the way of pole rentals, bait, etc. Remember, the Captain & Deckhand make the same amount with or without a discount. Slip fees, taxes, tackle, bait, lunches, beer and license remain the same. Just do the math.
Keeping in mind that most good boats go out 3-5 days a week during the season anyway, it really doesn't make sense to give a discount at all if you plan on providing the best possible fishing experience.
We do not and will not hold back any of our resources. Our first priority is to assure you have a successful fishing trip. Our second priority is to assure when you return you fish with us again.
Take the bait,,, and you'll get hooked…..